We believe there's a better way to get value out of your processes.


 We believe that data is the new source of competitive advantage.

We believe that an amazing customer experience starts with total quality management, six sigma principles, and a relentless pursuit of business process optimization.

We believe that when tech, insights and COLABoration come together, the results can be extraordinary.


We believe there's a better way to manage insurance claims.

Summit180 is different from other property claims resolution, settlement and management platforms.

Our unique processes and workflows integrate TQM, Six Sigma and Lean Sigma approaches, making it easy to implement a process-oriented quality management cycle.

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The challenge is not the technology. It’s how it is delivered that is key.”
— Matteo Carbone, InsureTech Connect 2017


AbouT US

Sunrise COLAB is a Business Process Management services and solutions provider born out of our experiences as insurance producers, engineers, and victims of natural disasters. When we experienced for ourselves how difficult it is to get data about and maintain visibility of claims, we knew we had to find a better way.

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